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FROM 5:10 TO 6PM. WRCR 1300AM and streaming live at

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Just to let you know I was here... Here's lookin' at you kid!! Spats

Bring Back Rick!

Rick Pantele The Video Store Guy/Director/Script Writer is VERY BADLY MISSED!

When Rick was on the show here was a good balance between all three hosts.Each person got to chip in and give their views on a subject or bring up a topic in the news or entertainment world.

Rick would talk, Jim would comment along with Lovely Ms M.Rick would take phone calls and actually let the callers talk for a while!

Now it is a BATTLE of the EGOS mainly BIG JIMS! HE talks about himself for the first 15 minutes of the show. Then Ms M tries to jump in and as soon as she talks for a minute or so, BIG JIM jumps in again and prattles on for 5+ minutes.

Very few calls if any are put on air anymore!

Come on and bring back the old feel to the show and end THE BATTLE OF THE EGOS! It is a LIVE radio show that many people listen to.We would like to hear a better balance of material, not just two people who are self-absorbed who think they are sitting in their living room as opposed to BROADCASTING OVER THE AIRWAVES

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