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Mark Ebner interview
just me
Hi all! Trying to keep up here! Last week we had a phone interview with Mark Ebner of hollywoodinterrupted.com. "New York Times best selling author Mark Ebner is an award winning investigative journalist who has covered all aspects of celebrity and crime culture for Spy, Rolling Stone, Maxim, Details, Los Angeles, Premiere, Salon, Spin, Radar and New Times among other national and international publications. He has repeatedly positioned himself in harm’s way, conducting over fifty in-depth investigations into such subjects as Scientology, Pit Bull fighting in South Central Los Angeles, the Ku Klux Klan in Texas, celebrity stalkers, drug dealers, missing porn stars, sports groupies, college suicides and Hepatitis C in Hollywood."

He invested the "Bling Ring" and is currently working on bringing in Colton Harris-Moore who has been on the lam for three years, he is now 18 and has often been pursued by cops, and getting away barefoot. He also has a penchant for stealing planes and learned flying from booklets he bought on the internet.

Thanks so much Mark for the interview, the rest of the show was just goofy us!